April 12, 2015

Tips to Glowing and Radiant Skin

As the spring has come and soon everything is going to blossom around, our skin should look beautiful, too. Especially that we will start using less makeup as the summer approaches, and we want to feel confident. That’s why I want to share a few tips for the skin that I tried and feel that they actually work:

1. Ice cubes – I read somewhere that many famous women use ice cubes to keep their skin young, glowing and radiant. The therapy of using ice cubes can help to control the oil production and minimize pores. Having a dry skin, to me ice cubes help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. I try to be consistent and use one ice cube in the morning over my face, neck and chest area. The skin feels so smooth after an ice cube! Try it!

2. Serums – until one famous Russian beauty blogger explained the importance of a serum, I somehow did not consider this step in my skin care routine. I tried one recently and feel a nice difference on my skin. It is one additional step between a toner and a face cream which is enough to do twice a year, because first, it is not necessary to do it all the time, second, serums are the most expensive products in the skin care line. I would definitely recommend to google which serums are reviewed as very good, and try one according to your price range and preferences.

3. Water – a very old and known skin care tip which cannot be omitted. Since I started to drink lots of water a few years ago, my skin has been thankful to me. It can be hard to start drinking 1,5 – 2l every day immediately, so a good tip is to have a 1,5-2l bottle and you will always know how much you have to drink.

My skin currently (a photo from this weekend):

I am very curious to hear what do you do to keep your skin young?


March 02, 2015

Inspiration: Future perspectives

I saw that my blog is checked by some of you, my dears, however, I stopped blogging, or rather learning to blog, for a while… The truth is that once I graduated, something clicked inside me and I was not able to understand why and how…
  The only thing I honestly wished for is to be in the beach and listen to music - to be all by myself with the sea and have nothing on my mind… Exactly how I did 5 years ago. I was on the island 3 months and everyday I would go to the beach and listen to the sound of waves, watch huge ships coming to the island… I guess, I did not realise how much the fact that I am not a student anymore affected me, especially when a month ago I was studying, working, having other activities (salsa!), then suddenly nothing - no studies, no work... feeling a bit empty inside and sad… the need to create new goals, new achievements, learn to play on another level…
   This time was spent to think about those wonderful 25 years I am in this world, to go through my goals and desired accomplishments again.
    So, are you ready to come on this journey again? By the way, did you notice my new layout? Let’s see what the future brings…

*images via Pinterest


October 14, 2014

Travel Diary: Salsa in Mallorca

I guess, all of us, at least once, have had a certain wish in our minds and thought that one day it will be true... As for me, this wish became a reason that I could not write a blog post or do basically anything else, because all my time I have been learning to dance salsa! That's right! You may ask: and what Mallorca has to do with it? Well, this year during my summer vacations my girlfriends and I headed to Mallorca, where I was invited to dance salsa while trying the Mallorcan nightlife. This was a good kick to remember how much I have always wanted to learn these kind of dances and so, two weeks ago I finally got a chance to start dancing in Aalborg. Honestly, I couldn't be happier than I am now! This music, moves and energy I get while dancing makes me so positive and happy that I think I found one more passion for life!
But now I am back to share with you my Mallorca experience. I am sure this was not the last time in southern Spain, there are so many beautiful places definitely worth visiting! We did not have much time to visit the whole island, but I would suggest to rent a car and explore the island to the fullest, as some of the guys we met did. We stayed in Palmanova, which is around 30min away from Palma. We chose this place for sandy beaches (try the frozen youghurt they have right next to the beach) and nightlife (visit the BCM Planet Dance club in Magaluf).
We also visited the capital Palma. Let me tell you, guys, I have a small obsession with palm trees (my friends always laugh that one day I will climb one:)), but I think a palm tree to me is sort of a symbol of great vacations and relax: summer, sea, warmth... So, Palma with its amount of palm trees was an amazing place for me to visit!
The Palma Cathedral with palm trees, of course:

Do More What Makes You Happy!
Have a nice Tuesday everyone!

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Love, Loretta

October 01, 2014

Hello October!

Wow it is hard to believe that October is already here! Fall, as I have mentioned before, is by far my favorite season of the year. There is definitely something magic about it. Today I want to share some fall-ish images and thoughts that make fall so inspirational and beautiful. I am a huge coffee lover, but in fall I find myself drinking a lot of warm cacao while burning candles (yes, candles are my love). I have recently come across the idea of putting cinnamon sticks around candles, see the image below, and I think I am going to try it out soon.
And of course, I couldn't resist to show the cookies I found on Pinterest which have the shape of autumn leaves. So good would that be to drink with a cacao..

I don't know how about you, guys, but even though I try to live a healthier lifestyle and work out, I cannot stop eating sweets, especially if they are so delicious looking cookies or cinnamon buns... When I was coming to study and live to Denmark, I heard about their famous delicious buns, but I had no idea that they are so(!) delicious! Whenever in Denmark - a must try for you!
Having eaten so much fall-ish sweets, as I like calling it, I really love fall for one more thing... Trees with apples and apple picking. I always remember my sister and I picking apples and spending time with the family while baking an apple pie afterwards. Having said that I am pretty sure I am gonna bake one this weekend! Is it only me so fascinated with fall or do you also find fall so beautiful? I am curious, please, let me know!

                                   "Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower." Albert Camus

*images via Pinterest

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Have a beautiful start of October!
Love, L.