March 02, 2015

Inspiration: Future perspectives

I saw that my blog is checked by some of you, my dears, however, I stopped blogging, or rather learning to blog, for a while… The truth is that once I graduated, something clicked inside me and I was not able to understand why and how…
  The only thing I honestly wished for is to be in the beach and listen to music - to be all by myself with the sea and have nothing on my mind… Exactly how I did 5 years ago. I was on the island 3 months and everyday I would go to the beach and listen to the sound of waves, watch huge ships coming to the island… I guess, I did not realise how much the fact that I am not a student anymore affected me, especially when a month ago I was studying, working, having other activities (salsa!), then suddenly nothing - no studies, no work... feeling a bit empty inside and sad… the need to create new goals, new achievements, learn to play on another level…
   This time was spent to think about those wonderful 25 years I am in this world, to go through my goals and desired accomplishments again.
    So, are you ready to come on this journey again? By the way, did you notice my new layout? Let’s see what the future brings…

*images via Pinterest


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